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About Toth Painting Solutions

Our Owner's Experience

Toth Painting Solutions got its start in the year 2000 by Kristopher Toth. In 1994 Kris ran a summer college painting franchise. While attending Kent State he would also start his 3 years as an inside sales person at Sherwin Williams. After graduating, Kris pursued a career in an MBNA (now Bank of America) credit card call center. After a few years of working in a cubicle Kris started to realize how much he would enjoy running his own business again and interacting with different people every day.

Early Days

This was the beginning of the structure of Toth Painting Solutions. In his time running the painting franchise and working at Sherwin Williams, Kris realized that customer service was simply non-existent amongst contractors, especially in the painting industry. Working in banking, he realized not only the best way to treat customers, but also how to treat employees. These two things would prove to be instrumental in creating a long standing company that people could count on for consistent service. The third piece to the puzzle was the unparalleled paint product knowledge Kris obtained right from the paint manufacturers themselves.

Today's Company

Treating customers with respect, providing a great environment for our people to grow, and using the best and right products for the job, have proven to be a great business model. We think that doing the right things every day will make our company one to be sought after for years to come!

"Any big painting project is inconvenient at best, but Toth Painting Solutions made the work go smoothly & the results were great!"
~ F. West & Dr. Li